Ms Khalida Parveen
(“Also known as Iron Lady”)

Born in the year 1955 in Kerala in a Brahmin family. Did schooling till 5 th grade in Kerala then
shifted to Hyderabad where she completed her education. She is a pharmacist by the
profession (Kamala Nehru Polytechnic for women)
As soon as the completion of diploma she got job in Mahatma Gandhi hospital in Warangal as a
pharmacist. Married to Mohammed Nisar Ahmed in 1978 (Mother of 4 children & grandmother of 11
children) Joined Jamat –E-Islami Hind in 1989 and worked more than 12 years as a Dawah Organizer of
the state (A.P). Also, she was president of Awami Insaaf Movement Hyderabad.
Presently she is working as a General Secretary of amoomat Society to empower women in all
fields. Throughout her journey as a Dawah organizer she felt that we need to move a step forward to
resolve the problem of community and society by serving them, so she turned to activism and promoting it strongly.
One of the quality of Dayee to serve the people who are in need, to resolve the problem and
unite the people, and call the people to wards straight path caring the community and society
(Humanity) is also teachings of Islam provided one should be in their limits she strongly believes
pardha is not at all a hurdle in any progressive matter.
She defines women empowerment as below “A Women from her house to parliament house (All
the way) she should be enrolled in the decision making places, never mind whatever the
decision is” because she work for women empowerment she is concerned about the woman
issues. So now and then she organizes & participants in protest to protect the women and their

CAA Protest

She was the face of Telangana at the time of CAA protest. She tried hard to form shaheen bagh
in Hyderabad so she was slapped 10 cases by city police and she was on surveillance for
couple of days so she was awarded by “Mother of Hyderabad” during CAA Jalsa.
She visited all the shaheen bagh’s protest (except Lakhnow & Rajasthan) in India and raise her
voice against CAA.
At the time of COVID – 19 she was the one who started distributing cooked food to 50 needy
people the day of Janata curfew day gradually it increased to 500 per day. Later her house was
turned into community kitchen for 64 days and also distributed ration kits, especially for
migrants’ Masks, Water, Dates, Milk, Bread, buttermilk, sanitizer, gloves, PPE kits etc.

During Pandemic

She worked with police and GHMC to fight CORONA she was the first person to introduce a last
Ride Vehicle (Absolutely Free) in Hyderabad. She also did counselling on phone she consoled 5
suicidal calls and counsel them and provided help through city police and activists.
She also helped in ghusul and kafan (for female bodies) through video calling. So she was
awarded as a COVID - warrior from many States.

Friday food distribution

Even after the pandemic, every Friday food distribution is continued to remind the people that one
should feed the needy.

Flood Relief Work

She and her team are in the forefront for rescue, relief and rehabilitation works in Hyderabad flood-affected areas. For the initial 6 days again the community kitchen was started and distributed 6340
food packets to the needy. Later started a store for distributing milk, bread, biscuits, soaps,
detergents, Burqhas, blankets, bedsheets, stoves, clothes, utensils, buckets, mugs, Ration till
now she distributed 1035 families. The stone is still working with the help of donors.
She too participants in mainstream TV debates, discussions & interviews.
Simple living and high thinking is her motto. She is available for the public 24/7 on phone for
counselling. She is known as a good counsellor and helper so she was awarded “Mother
Teresa Award” in 2017.